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Jul 16

Comparing PRP and prolotherapy in the treatment of SI joint dysfunction

[section_tc][column_tc span='12'][text_tc trigger_pt='0' duration='1000' delay='0']Low back pain (LBP) is a significant source of morbidity that affects a significant portion of the population. While initially a mainstay in therapy, surgical interventions have come under intense scrutiny as research has questioned their efficacy in addressing LBP. Nonspecific LBP (NSLBP) is particularly difficult to treat because multiple etiologies can contribute to ongoing pain. Mechanical dysfunction of the sacroiliac joint (SIJ) has been targeted as a common source of low back pain amenable to...

Jun 2

A Conversation on Regenerative Medicine with Drs. Malanga and Mautner

[section_tc][column_tc span='12'][text_tc trigger_pt='0' duration='1000' delay='0']Regenerative medicine experts and TOBI faculty Dr. Gerry Malanga and Dr. Ken Mautner recently sat down with Dr. Jonothan Halperin to discuss the basics of regenerative medicine as well as the current state of literature possible future directions. We’ve provided a brief synopsis below, but encourage you to dive into this fascinating conversation from two of the thought-leaders in this area.Synopsis:The conversation starts by summarizing the past and current state of regenerative therapies. While these therapies...

Apr 18

TOBI Faculty Dr. Gerry Malanga, MD, Awarded Research Grant to Treat Active-Duty Military Personnel

Congratulations TOBI Faculty Gerry Malanga, for the new research grant you and your team were awarded to Treat Active-Duty Military Personnel. Dr. Gerard Malanga, MD, Dr. Trevor Dyson-Hudson, MD, Dr. Nathan Hogaboom, PhD, received a $590,000 award from the Geneva Foundation for the use of Autologous Micro-Fragmented Adipose Tissue to Treat Meniscal Injuries in Active-Duty Military Personnel. Knee injuries are common among active-duty military personnel. One of the most common knee injuries is a meniscus tear, which can have several...